Original Fine Art Oil Paintings by Curtis Verdun

Curtis Verdun - Portrait ArtistEnjoy paintings of breath-taking yet serene views of horses grazing in pastures, masterful oil portraits and also a selective array of unique abstract paintings  and cube paintings featured here. Please feel free to peruse the entire collection of original oil paintings by Curtis Verdun.

Horse Paintings

"Sandy and Colt" - Original Oil Painting by Curtis Verdun

The horse’s awe-inspiring muscular form  and majestic presence offers such wonderful opportunities for an artist. 

Whether the equestrian form is captured with pencil or modeled in oil paint, the resulting artwork is destined to be inspiring.


Original Abstract Oil Paintings

"Excalibur" - Abstract Painting

As a certain kind of inspiration emerges and his wild-side takes over, Verdun redirects his creative talents to producing various abstract oil paintings. Some of these have a hint of Expressionism while some are more surreal. You might imagine that this work is entirely unrelated to painting realism, but it isn’t. The same requirement for precise execution also applies to the seemingly random strokes of many abstract paintings.

"Silent Aspirations" - Abstract Painting

You would think it didn’t matter as much, but every nuance of each passage is vital to the feel, depth, and character of the completed image. So, for this reason, Curtis realizes that much of his artistic talents can be attributed to the intensive training he has received while painting numerous portraits over the years.