Abstract Artist, Every One of Us!

Abstract Artist - Curtis Verdun

Each and every one of us is an abstract artist.


“How so?” you might ask. “I don’t even draw or paint!”

To me, the most simplistic definition of art is the “creative expression of an idea or emotion”. We are all capable of creative expression. We creatively express ourselves on a daily basis. We do it when we speak, laugh, tell a joke, sing, draw, design, dress, cook, paint, dance, compose… We “paint” pictures with words, and we move people to tears with poetry. It is often in a rather abstract manner.

Now, some would argue that such a definition causes confusion when trying to determine who is a “professional” artist and who is not. I agree that it complicates things and may seem to belittle serious artists but there is no denying the very essence of art and what it really is. I don’t think art can or should be defined based on who makes money with it or even by who is good at it. The basic qualifying criteria of any artwork, following my simple definition, is whether or not it is successful at being able to express what it is that it attempted to express.

Now what happens is that there are so many instances where this is just barely achieved and other times when it is masterfully done. Is it art in all these instances? I say it is. And yet, we do reserve the right to proclaim one artwork (or performance) as great (maybe only in our own eyes), and another as just not very good at all, based on our response.

The bottom line is that we are all creative. We say and do things with flair and with color so our true meaning comes through clearly. The way we do it is sometimes unorthodox, we exaggerate, we ad-lib. We don’t simply “testify” to our thoughts as though we’re in a courtroom. We express it succinctly, with finesse, and by abstraction.

Me, an Abstract artist?”

You bet!

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