Book a Video Chat with The Artist

Commissioning a fine art portrait is a huge undertaking, not only for you, the client but for the artist and the sitter as well. We can’t even begin until we meet to discuss the project. That’s what a Video Chat, portrait consultation will accomplish. Looking forward to meeting with you.

What to Expect on the Call

First of all – Thank you for your interest in my work! Ahead of scheduling our session, I would like to fill you in on what we will discuss and where you can get more detailed information. The session will be arranged to be a Zoom call at the selected date and time. If you would prefer another method of communication, just let me know. 

While there is plenty to discuss, these portrait consultation sessions usually don’t last for more than 30 to 45 minutes. But, of course, I’ll give you all the time you need for questions.

Just click the link below and select the date and time that works best for you.
Book my Session!

We would begin with me, hearing what you had in mind for the portrait. Here are some of the items up for discussion:

    • The subject(s) for the portrait
    • The format of the portrait;
      • Head and Shoulders
      • 1/2 Figure
      • 3/4 Figure
      • Full
    • The purpose of the portrait
    • The vision you imagine
    • Where it will hang

For more about me, see About Me – Your Favorite Portrait Painter
For more detailed information about the commission process, see Portrait Commission Process.