About the Artist

Curtis Verdun - Portrait ArtistCurtis Verdun has spent almost five decades working as a fine artist producing fine oil paintings, some horse paintings, and many classic oil portraits. Besides portrait commissions, he has also produced scores of pastel portraits, abstract paintings, his signature cube-shaped paintings and many landscapes as well.

He has also invented and constructed his own custom and versatile spinning easel and a state-of-the-art heavy-duty stretcher bar system. These have proven invaluable as he implements his particular painting techniques and methods in his painting studio.

Oil Portrait by Portrait Artist Curtis Verdun "Jaime" _ Pencil Portrait by Curtis Verdun "Hard Day" - Oil Painting 

Early Years

Verdun was born and raised on Bayou Lafourche in South Louisiana. He now works from his studio in Houma,  Louisiana, which is southwest and about one hour’s drive from New Orleans.

Even though he has Native American ancestry, the culture he grew up in was dominantly that of the local Cajuns. Rather early in his childhood, it was recognized that he had a knack for drawing. He spent much of his childhood with a pencil in hand. Then, with a Grumbacher paint set, given to him as a Christmas gift, he sold his first painting at the age of 13. At that time he also learned pastels. So, then, one after another, family and friends would submit photos to him to do pastel portraits. 


By the time he sought further learning, he had already become quite adept at oil portraiture. So, along with limited studies with renowned portrait artist, John Howard Sanden and also with the late Daniel Greene, he learned all he needed.

Collections of Verdun’s oil paintings include Louisiana State University as well as several churches and many private collections.

Also, dozens of Verdun’s abstract paintings have been sold internationally, which he continues to do in his limited spare time.

You can read some of the artist’s writing and see some studio shots and insight by visiting his
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