Why Abstract Art?

Curtis Verdun - Abstract Artist

Why does abstract art even exist? Who started it? Does it actually serve a purpose? I see abstract art as offering opportunities for greater freedom and more passion. Today, the term “abstract art” is used quite differently than it was originally. Quite literally, abstract art refers to “abstraction” from reality, or “to carefully depict a …

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Are Photographers Artists?

artist photographer

Photographers simply snap photos, right? Are they considered artists? Sure, they may very well be. A good photographer might even be a better artist than a skilled photo-realist painter. That may sound shocking but it’s absolutely true. Let’s imagine the following experiment. On location, present a landscape scene to a fine art photographer and a …

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Abstract Art Isn’t Really Art!

"Excalibur" - Original Abstract Oil Painting

There was significant turbulence during the emergence of Modernism in the 1890s and especially Abstract Expressionism in the 1940s, similar to the trouble Impressionism faced and most other major revolutionary art movements. And then the dust settled, followed by a better understanding or at least a certain degree of acceptance of the new ideas. But, …

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Art IS Abstract

"Intrepid" - Abstract Oil Painting

Why would I say that “Art IS Abstract”? Well, in my opinion, the only way anything qualifies as art is that it is abstract. To the degree that an image has been diverted from displaying simple reality, but altered and manipulated to present a new perspective of the subject, abstracted from reality – to that …

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