The Value of Abstract Art

"Windows Crepuscule" (detail) Abstract Painting by Leon Verdun

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I have strong feelings and offer plenty of argument for abstract art and plenty to say against any idea of its illegitimacy. Recently, I realized that most of my readers (or even collectors or writers who advocate abstract art), actually fail to understand the full implication of what I’m saying about abstract art.

In reality, what I say in most of my blog posts, defending and “pushing” abstract art – those things are not only for the benefit of abstract art or to promote it. The impetus behind abstract art encompasses all that we are and all that we have accomplished or will accomplish as human beings.

Humankind has a vital need for creativity! It is the lifeblood of our existence. So much of who we are and what we have is a direct result of us exercising our boundless and effectual creativity.

Imagine, for a moment, that all artists cease from creating works of art that deviate in any way from stark realism. Then, allow that lack of creativity to permeate everything else in our lives. Now, what impact would that have on our world? If you think it’s minimal, outside of the art world, you’d be dead wrong!

What kinds of things would we not have today if certain individuals in the past had not been creative, had not thought outside the box, succumbed to the notion of maintaining the “status quo”, heeded sayings like “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” or “don’t rock the boat”?

Many, many things!

Think about it. And creativity is not only required by artists and inventors. It is part and parcel to the successes of every occupation and endeavor from the most powerful and influential industry giant down to the youngest and seemingly talent-less “nobody”. Everyone is a player.

And we all learn and develop our creative skills through practice, involvement, and through art appreciation.

I mean to emphasize that we’re talking more than just abstract art here. Much of my blog’s mission and crusade focuses on abstract art, and maybe most people don’t care about that. But, in my view, to the extent that we look down on, ignore, dismiss or relegate to the workings of derelicts and fraudsters, the vast and profound works of modern abstract art, to that degree, we stifle progress, both in our physical, industrial and economic world and in the intellect and creativity of our minds, and in the minds of our children.

Creativity, as practiced and made manifest in abstract art, as well as music, dance, architecture and literature, is critical to the progress and well-being of all mankind.

Again, where would we be if we were not creative? And what about the future? Should we not nurture creativity and free thinking in our children? Their future depends on it!

Free your mind and embrace – no, celebrate, the numerous virtues of all forms of art, especially those of modern abstract art.

(Image above is a detail of “Windows Crepuscule”, an Abstract Painting by Leon Verdun.)

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